Car Tune Ups

Regular tune ups and maintenance are critical to getting more mileage from your vehicle. With a well maintained vehicle, you can avoid the issues that cause breakdowns or leave your loved ones stranded. If you put your vehicle on our regular maintenance plan you can head off costly repairs before they get out of hand or become a dangerous situation. Call us to get started today.

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Brake Problems?

The only thing worse than that squeaking or grinding sound as your brakes start to go bad is having brakes that don’t work at all. If you are not sure about your brakes, please take the time to come in and get a brake inspection. As with other repairs, getting your vehicle to us quickly can save you money. Don’t wait too long with your break problem before you bring it in. If your brakes are starting to wear out, you should contact us now to save yourself money.

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Oil Change

With the busy schedules everyone seems to have today, it’s easy to let things get pushed to the back of your agenda or forget priorities. But if it’s time for an oil change, you need to make the time to get it done. Regular oil changes are one of the best ways to maintain your vehicle and prolong its life. During an oil change, we might also be able to catch other issues before they escalate and leave you stranded. We can work with you to get your regular oil change on your schedule, so contact us to get your oil change scheduled.

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Factory Scheduled Maintenance 30/60/90K
Maintaining your new car is critical to your warranty. It is even more important that you use certified technicians. No matter what make or model vehicle you drive, our technicians can perform your scheduled maintenance. Call us today and ask about our maintenance plans and schedule your first visit.
Air Conditioning/Heating Systems
Summers in Georgia can get brutal, and it doesn’t matter how fast you drive with the windows down, you’re still going to be sweating in a car with bad air conditioning. And while the cold winters don’t last as long, you can’t put a wood stove in the back seat for warmth. If the AC or heat is on the fritz, bring your vehicle to Watkinsville Service Center and let’s make driving comfortable again.
Diagnostics and Drivablity
When you see that check engine light on, you should not ignore it. Some times it is a simple emission issue can make your engine run rough. If you have any skipping or misfires we can help you get you back on the road.
Engines and Transmissions
A lot can go wrong under the hood of a vehicle. There are a lot of moving parts in your engine and transmission. We have years of experience, thorough training and a love of all things automotive, and we’ll figure out what’s causing strange noises, a lack of power, shuddering or other issues. Whether it’s simply changing out a part or replacing an entire engine, our technicians have done it all and can do it all.
Electrical Systems And Wiring
Lights on the dash flickering or the radio seems to have a mind of its own? Wiring and electrical problems in a car can be tricky. Our technicians can find your electrical issues and solve the problem so that you can get back to listening to your favorite tunes or be able to tell the officer exactly how fast you were going.
You’re sitting in the car rider line at the middle school. Your teenage child gets into the car, and as you pull away, your belts go to squealing. Now your teenager has crawled under the seat in shame and won’t speak to you. Is it time to get those belts changed? Watkinsville Service Center can check all of your belts and hoses and replace worn out parts. But we can’t do anything about your teenager.
Suspension/Tires/ Alignment
That last pothole shook the whole car and now it seems to be pulling to the right or as you head down the highway you’re feeling a strange vibration. These are warning signs that let you know something is wrong. Bring your car to Watkinsville Service Center and we can get you headed down the highway in a straight line and a smooth ride.
Test drive
Are you thinking about picking up a used car for you or the family? Maybe you are buying a vehicle for your teenager and you would like for it to be perfect. Or maybe you are picking up a car for you to tinker and have fun with. We can help you take a good look over the car and check it out before you buy. Just schedule a time to bring it by and we will make sure you are not wasting your money.

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