Regular car maintenance can save you a lot of time and money

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regular car matianence

When it comes to prolonging the life of your vehicle, there is nothing more important than preventive maintenance – the regular, factory recommended maintenance schedule (typically every 30,000 miles).

Through preventive maintenance, your auto mechanic is able to regularly inspect the vehicle for routine wear and tear, replenish fluids, check tire pressure and be certain that a small problem does not become a catastrophic situation that can leave you stranded or paying hundreds of dollars more than necessary.

Darcy Lapointe, owner of Watkinsville Service Center, encourages his customers to get on a regular maintenance schedule.

“What you want to do is give us the opportunity to find a problem under the hood that might easily be caught and repaired at a low cost,” Darcy says. “If you’re not on a regular maintenance schedule, we don’t have that opportunity to find those problems before they become catastrophic. And then you’re looking at expensive repairs. You’re looking at being stranded. And our goal is always to help our customers keep their vehicles in good running order, keep them from being on the side of the road, and keep them from having to spend unnecessary dollars fixing a major repair that could have been caught.”

Darcy said that too often customers who are not on a regular maintenance schedule will hear a strange knocking or squeaking and ignore it at first, or procrastinate in taking the car in to have it looked at. Often, the strange noise gets worse, and it’s weeks before the customer will bring in the vehicle to have it looked at.

“By then, whatever started as a simple fix has become a serious issue,” Darcy said. “I hate to have to tell a customer that they’re going to have to spend several hundred or a thousand dollars to get their car fixed. Nobody wants to hear that news, and I don’t enjoy giving bad news. I’d much rather tell you that we caught an issue in time and the cost will be minimal.
“When you’re driving down the highway, and you’re running 60 miles per hour and going over bumps, or you’re going through town and doing a lot of starting and stopping at lights, that puts a lot of wear on these vehicles. There’s a whole lot of stress being placed on your vehicle from front to back.

“At Watkinsville Service Center, our technicians know what to look for and know which component to inspect in order to avoid serious problems. The best way that we can help you and keep your costs down and get the most life out of your vehicle is by sticking with a regular maintenance schedule that keeps your car in good condition.”
If you want to get your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule, call Watkinsville Service Center at 706-769-8334 and schedule a time to bring it in and have us look at it.