Humbled to be the people’s choice

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When the Athens Banner Herald announced winners for its 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards, it came as no surprise to anyone who knows the folks at Watkinsville Service Center that Darcy and Kathy Lapointe and the crew at the Oconee County auto shop ranked among the top for favorite people in the auto mechanics category.

“We tied for second in the ‘Favorite People’ category for auto mechanics,” said Kathy Lapointe. “We’re really very flattered that so many people voted for us.”

In business for more than 25 years, Darcy and Kathy have developed strong ties with their customers over the years and know most of them by name. Anyone who’s ever walked through the door at Watkinsville Service Center knows to expect to see a friendly face, whether it’s Darcy coming out of the back or Kathy behind the counter.

“They just run an honest business, and you’re treated like a friend,” said longtime customer Sam Walker. “They don’t care if you just walked into the shop or you’ve known them 18 years.”

Darcy and Kathy have built a strong reputation in their community by treating people the way they wanted to be treated – with honesty and integrity. That reputation is what helps them continue to grow, even after 25 years.

“A lot of times when people come to a car shop to get repairs they’re not in a great mood,” Darcy pointed out. “Car trouble never comes at a good time, and people know when they’re having a problem it’s going to cost them money they don’t want to spend.

“We understand this, and so we always want to be friendly and treat people well, because there’s a good chance if they’re coming through our door it’s because they’re having a bad day. So we’re very honored that people recognize this and voted for us in the 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards. We like being known as friendly people.”

Of course, Darcy also encourages his customers to get regular maintenance on their vehicles so that they can avoid as many of the problems as possible. With a regular maintenance schedule, Darcy and his crew at Watkinsville Service Center can spot a problem before it becomes a catastrophe and often save their customers money in the long run.

If you’re looking for quality service from a friendly and trustworthy auto mechanic, you should visit Watkinsville Service Center. Whether you need anything from an oil change to a rebuilt engine, Darcy and the mechanics at Watkinsville Service Center are happy to help.