Hobbies help Watkinsville business owner find ‘balanced life’

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Darcy hobby-1

I know that it seems strange right now looking at the above picture of me. I’m sure, and sometimes I agree, that my natural state is behind the counter at Watkinsville Service Center or turning a wrench under the hood of your car. My normal day consists of oil changes and tune ups. Many times it seems that there is an endless string or cars to do maintenance on. Do not get me wrong there is noting more satisfying than fixing your car and making sure that your family is safe. I want you to have the peace of mind that your vehicle is ready for your next adventure, or just to pick the kids up from school. For years now I have kept a secret from the community of the Oconee County area and my customers. I have a few hobbies.

Being a small business owner it seems that I never have time for the small things of life. From time to time I get a few moments to tinker and when I do it helps bring back a little sanity to my life. If you have a moment check out this article and read more about my down time from work.

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